SCO to sue over unauthorized…

SCO to sue over unauthorized use of earth’s resources

This important announcement just in from an EFF newsletter!

Lindon, UT – On the heels of its campaign against users of the Free Software program Linux, the SCO Group today announced that it will begin a new round of lawsuits against users of other free resources, including fire, water, air and land.

“People think they can just use free things without paying for them,” said SCO CEO Daryl McBribe. “This kind of ‘socialism’ is anti-American and a violation of the Constitution. It’s up to corporations like SCO to crush that kind of idealism.”

Added Daryl’s other brother Daryl, “Yeah, what he said.”

SCO plans to offer a generous and reasonable licensing program for Earth’s remaining natural resources with prices as low as $700 per carbon-based life form.

“We think once people realize how much money it takes to fund lawsuits…er…um. I mean, innovation, they will happily sign up,” said McBribe