The tide is turning

The tide is turning

Pity poor George Bush. For some reason, he has been beset by delusional aides who, once they leave the White House, write books containing lies and exaggerations and — this is the lowest blow of all — do not take into account the president’s genius and all-around wisdom. The latest White House aide to betray the president is Richard Clarke, who was in charge of counterterrorism before and after the attacks of Sept. 11. He says Bush “failed to act prior to September 11 on the threat from al Qaeda.”

The White House has opened its guns on Clarke. He is being contradicted and soon, as with poor O’Neill, his sanity and probity will be questioned. It’s getting to be downright amazing how former White House aides tell the same tale — a case, the White House wants us to believe, of hysteria or unaccountable betrayal. I’d like to believe my president, but as Clarke quotes him in a different context, “I’m looking for any shred.”

As with Saddam Hussein, it doesn’t exist.

And where might this anti-Bush diatribe be from? One of those fringe leftie groups? Anarchists? Is it from the Evildoers themselves?

Nope. It’s from – until now that is – one of Dubya’s strongest defenders – the Washington Post.