Big demos, planetwide!

Big demos, planetwide!

Huge worldwide protests demand Iraq troop pullout, Reuters

From Sydney to Tokyo, from Santiago, Chile, to Madrid, London, New York and San Francisco, demonstrators condemned U.S. policy in Iraq and said they did not believe Iraqis are better off or the world safer because of the war.

Journalists estimated that at least a million people streamed through Rome, in probably the biggest single protest.

Major protests mark Iraq War anniversary, Yahoo

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world rallied against the U.S. presence in Iraq on the first anniversary of the war Saturday, in protests that retained the anger, if not the size, of demonstrations held before the invasion began.

(The Feb 2003 demos the above refers to were completely off the map in terms of size compared to any protest ever. And one million people in Rome yesterday is still knocking the ball out of the stadium!)

Global anti-war protests on the Iraqi war anniversary, China Daily (China!)

In Los Angeles, one of thousands of protesters held photographs of Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney with the words, “forget Janet Jackson’s — expose the real boobs.”

Anti-war protesters climb London’s Big Ben

The pair unfurled a banner which read “Time for Truth” after they reached the clockface 328 feet (100 meters) above London using mountaineering equipment.

Here in LA, our sound system in L.A. wasn’t powerful enough, because the crowd was larger than expected! At least 20,000 came, and there were spirited rallies both at the assembly point and at march conclusion.

I helped set up the sound system and stages at both rally sites, got there at 8 am, left at 6 pm, and took a gaggle of photos. Check the ANSWER LA home page, my camblog, and here.