Yet another “critical” security found…

Yet another “critical” security found in Outlook

Microsoft upgraded a recent security warning to “critical” after discovering new ways in which an attacker could run malicious software on a vulnerable computer.

Thus, and here’s a shocker, you need to “download and install a patch to correct the problem as quickly as possible”. You have lots of spare time to install these patches, right? I certainly enjoy spending hours a week downloading patches and reading security updates to fix gaping security holes that never should have existed at all. And how about that “as quickly as possible”? Sure makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about using Microsoft products.

However, that’s in the past! I recently switched from Outlook to the open-source Thunderbird. and no longer have to worry about being attacked via Outlook. Plus, after a few weeks playing with Thunderbird, I’ve decided it’s superior to Outlook – faster, more intuitive, and better designed.