Kerry calls Bushies “crooked” and…

Kerry calls Bushies “crooked” and “lying”

“These guys are the most crooked, you know, lying group I’ve ever seen,” Kerry added. “It’s scary.”

Kerry is going for the jugular. Good. He’s clearly showing he can attack and counter-attack with the best of them. 

And don’t forget, in back of Kerry is billionaire George Soros who has said he will spend whatever is necessary to defeat Bush.

Update: A reader comments Kerry made the remark thinking he was off-mike. However he hasn’t backed off from it much. The LA Times points out this is real early in a campaign for such mud-slinging, and that both are doing it. Gosh, I can hardly wait for the end of October… 

Kerry made his offhanded remark during a stop at a sheet-metal plant in Chicago.

Coming almost eight months before election day, the rancorous back-and-forth between the campaigns threatens to alienate voters and increase negative perceptions of both candidates, political experts said.

“This type of rhetoric definitely reflects a lot of anger out there,” said Baer, who worked as a speechwriter for former Vice President Al Gore. “The trick for both these guys is, reflect the anger and at the same time offer a positive vision.”