U.S. delegation meets with President…

U.S. delegation meets with President Aristide

Aristide reveals details of coup

In his press conference and in the direct meetings with the delegation, “President Aristide was very forceful about the fact that he was kidnapped, and that his government is being replaced by a U.S.-sponsored government of occupation,” said Sara Flounders of the International Action Center. President Aristide also said that “only his return to Haiti can bring peace, and he stated that the people who carried out this campaign against his government are internationally recognized criminals.

President Aristide said that he had been lied to by the U.S. ambassador, who assured him that he was being taken to a press conference to talk with international and Haitian media.

“He was instead forced onto a plane and taken out of the country in a U.S. coup d’etat,”

“President Aristide also pointed out the irony that Haiti, which only has 1.5 doctors for every 11,000 people, now has seen the closing of its primary medical school and that school is now being used to house U.S. Marines and other foreign soldiers.

There’s much more, including Aristide’s private security force being blocked by the US from defending him.

A recent Miami Herald article on the subject reported that another 25 reinforcement security guards from the Steele Foundation, who were supposed to arrive Saturday, February 28, received a call Friday night telling them that the U.S. would block their deployment.