Aristide speaks to press, says…

Aristide speaks to press, says it was a coup de’etat

The day after a delegation, which included his lawyer, were not allowed to see Aristide, he spoke to the media, saying he was forcibly removed.

In the interview with the World at One programme, Mr Aristide also repeated claims that he had in effect been forcibly removed from Haiti by the US. In one word it was a kidnapping… You can say coup d’etat.”

 In his first public appearance since he left for exile in Africa, Mr Aristide called for “peaceful resistance” and the restoration of democracy in Haiti.

 Mr Aristide told the BBC he was being well treated in the CAR. “Fortunately here they are gracious with us. They are really treating us the right way.”

He was also interviewed by cell phone by Democracy Now, the transcript will be online in a few hours. Aristide, in effect, calls Dick Cheney a liar for saying he left the country under his own will.