Aristide and Las Vegas

Aristide and Las Vegas

Mon 9 pm: BBS World News, lead story. Aristide: US forced me to leave

Ditto for the NY Times and Washington Post, although they bury somewhat Aristide’s claims he was kidnapped while the BBC leads with it.

Y’know, the Bushies might have a point here. If you don’t like what someone is doing, heck, just invade them! Matter of fact, as a Californian, I’m getting severly honked off by Nevada greedily hogging all that gambling money (and water). We’ve told them to give us some, but those democracy-hating Nevadans still refuse to do so, what gall!

So, I’m calling on all Californians to cross the border into Nevada, and occupy Las Vegas. We will liberate it from them and give it to us. And they’ll thank us for it one day, you just wait!

(First thing we do, we blow up all the hotels. No, wait, they’re already doing that aren’t they? Hmmm…)