The Village Voice opines:
If the DLC wonks, unimaginative leftists, and others devoted to the “Beat Bush” agenda can manage to stop gnashing their teeth over Ralph Nader’s “betrayal” long enough to really think about it, they might just find that the consumer advocate’s candidacy can help, rather than hurt, their cause.

The Republican political strategists apparently believe that the election could be decided by the base supporters of both parties. If the Democratic candidates want to lose more of their base than they already have, then they should go ahead and attack Nader for being a spoiler.

From The Guardian:

Don’t blame Ralph Nader for President George Bush. Blame Al Gore, or Hillary Clinton, or better still George Bush. Clarence Thomas, the US supreme court judge, had more responsibility for elevating Bush than Nader did. So don’t try to lock up poor old Ralph. Let him run around in the yard a bit. He won’t go far.

Actually, Nader will probably do quite well in getting his message across. He’s survived, and survived well for 40 years in DC against powerful wealthy opponents who’d like to see him be smoking rubble.  He knows, and can play the game better than most Senators.