Nader would probably endorse Democrat,…

Nader would probably endorse Democrat, if needed, to prevent Bush win

Transcript from Meet The Press

MR. RUSSERT:  If it got down to the final days of the election and you saw that your presence on the ballot could swing the election to George Bush, might you consider stepping out and saying, “I endorse the Democrat”?

MR. NADER:  First of all, there are 40 slam-dunk states where either the Republicans or Democrats are going to win handily; that’s number one.  Second, I think there’s a very good chance that President Bush is going to start declining in the polls.  He’s making a lot of mistakes. 

People are beginning to realize that he doesn’t care about the American people, although he says he does; that as a conservative president, he’s presiding over and encouraging the shipment of industries and jobs to the despotic Communist regime in China; that he fabricated the basis for the war in Iraq, which is now a quagmire. And if President Bush doesn’t trust the American people with the truth, why should the American people trust George W. Bush with the presidency?

When that and if that eventuality occurs, in the rare event that it occurs, you can invite me back on the program, and I’ll give you my answer.