Getting married in SF

Getting married in SF

Wow. What better “defense” of gay marriage could there be than these wonderfully moving photos of lesbian and gay couples getting married in San Francisco.

And – San Francisco sues California over ban on gay marriage!

San Francisco went on the legal offensive Thursday, suing the state to overturn laws that stipulate marriage must be between a man and a woman.

The city’s action almost ensures the legal battle over same-sex marriage eventually will reach the California Supreme Court, which has been the city’s goal since it began issuing marriage licenses to gay couples eight days ago.

But there’s more!

Daley backs marriage for gays in Chicago

Mayor Richard M. Daley says he will have “no problem” with Cook County’s issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. But the possibility is not immediately in sight.

Mr. Daley, in response to a journalist’s question on Wednesday, went on to defend gay and lesbian couples from accusations that they were trying to undermine marriage.

What’s happening now in SF is an earthquake, and the tremors are being felt everywhere.