John Edwards Iraq “policy”

John Edwards Iraq “policy”

“Make no mistake,” he added, “Saddam Hussein alone has chosen war over peace. He has defied international law rather than disarm his weapons of mass destruction. Our world will be safer when he is gone.” John Edwards, March 19, 2003

This statement is on Edwards’ website. It is achingly obvious there never were WMD in Iraq. So why does this appear on his website?

I’ve searched his campaign website for serious policy statements on Iraq. He doesn’t have any. And you have to hunt hard to find anything about foriegn policy.

His website has nearly nothing on Iraq, but there sure is a whole heap of alarmist stuff about strengthening Homeland Security and stopping terrorists. (How about we stop invading countries? Maybe then hordes of recruits wouldn’t be stampeding to those opposed to the US.)

I downloaded his 64 page PDF file of policy statements, and searched for “Iraq”. Here’s what I found. A whopping 4, count ’em, 4 (four, IV) references. The following two paragraphs are the entirety of his statements on Iraq.

In Iraq, Edwards supported the war to remove Saddam Hussein from power, and he has been an outspoken proponent of a strong US commitment to help the Iraqi people rebuild their lives and develop rule of law and democracy.

Edwards believes that the United States cannot rebuild Iraq alone, and must bring other countries and institutions into this important effort.

Not a peep about how to get out of the mess the US in in there. In fact there’s no coherent policy statement at all – which should make people nervous.

Can you say ‘Slick Willie”? I knew you could.