Momentum building for March 20

Momentum building for March 20

The upcoming March 20 antiwar demonstrations are already generating serious interest and they are still more than a month away. Demos will be held across the planet that day – in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Canada, and, of course, in the belly of the beast here in the US.

Major protests are planned for NYC, Chicago, SF, LA, and dozens of other cities too. The word from everywhere is, people already know about M20, and they are ready to get into the streets. I’m told the NY Times opined that the NYC demo may turn out to have been a warm-up for the Republican Party convention there on August 29! (I certainly plan to be in NYC in August to greet the Republicans)

Here in LA, ANSWER initiated the call for March 20, and currently there are 75 endorsing organizations, with more coming. The ANSWER flyer for March 20 has been translated into Spanish, Korean, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi. L.A. is a hugely multi-cultural city, and it’s been fascinating to watch so many groups come together to build for March 20, all with their own constituencies and focus, all with specific groups of people they can reach that others can’t.

These groups include amazing hard-working organizations such as Mindullae, BAYAN-USA, Korean Americans for Peace, Latino Movement USA, South Asian Network, Free Palestine Alliance, Latinos Against the War, Global Women’s Strike, American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, and many more.

Together, as a coalition of coalitions, we can accompish things not possible were we working alone.

Together, we can stop these insane wars and occupations!