Kevin Cooper wins stay of…

Kevin Cooper wins stay of execution!

US Supremes smackdown Calif. Atty Gen. Lockyer

Gov. Schwarzenegger said no stay of execution. The 9th US Court of Appeals overruled him and ordered a stay of execution and a new trial for Kevin Cooper based on new evidence, i.e., the apparently tampered-with and planted evidence.

In a grotesque move, California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, an alleged Democrat, appealed and was immediately slapped down by the US Supreme Court who unanimously refused to hear the case.

Tell me again what the difference between Democrats and Republicans is, I keep forgetting. There was a time when Democrats would oppose the death penalty, when there was actually palpable difference between them and Republicans. And, of course, those were the exact same times when they ruled the Senate, House, and Presidency. But then we are talking here about the California Democratic Party, who were so lame and out of touch they couldn’t even hold on to the governorship in this strongly Democratic state.

On to happier things. This is a huge victory! Kevin Cooper has won a new trial. We did the impossible!