Supports build for unified March…

Supports build for unified March 20 antiwar protests

The open letter circulated on Jan. 12 by Arab and Muslim groups to the US antiwar movement has now been endorsed by 222 organizations.

From the Jan. 31 update.

In addition to the 222 current signatories, and in a qualitative expansion of the support given to the Open Letter, non-governmental organizations and civil society institutions representing the Palestinian people have extended their explicit support.

From the onset, the movement in South Africa had also weighed in, giving its support to the Arab American and Muslim community in the United States, thus further indicating the global consensus on the political demands of the anti-war movement.

We had reported earlier that there were hopeful signs that the movement in the United States as a whole was also approaching a unity on these core principles set-forth in the Open Letter.  We are happy to report that these signs are in the process of developing into unified actions throughout the country. 

Although a few remain hesitant, it appears that a national consensus on the political program of the anti-war is being developed.  Collectively, we are just about to complete turning the corner.

The call to mobilize, which constitutes the political basis for the unity of the March 20 National Coalition, demanded ending “all colonial occupations from Iraq to Palestine and everywhere”. It also called for “bringing the troops home NOW” without delay, and for opposing giving an international cover to the colonial occupation of Iraq.

The Arab-American and Muslim community is humbled by the outpouring of support. We stand in mutual solidarity with all and pledge our own support as we together move forward.

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