Maybe we should burn her…

Maybe we should burn her at the stake?

FCC’s Powell not amused by flashing Janet Jackson

The Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime antics of singers Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake have infuriated the nation’s top telecom regulatory, Michael Powell, chairman of the FCC. The baring of Jackson’s breast during the closing seconds of the halftime show has spurred Powell to call for an immediate investigation of the incident.

Lordy, what is wrong with this country?  In Europe and most of the rest of the planet, this would be a complete non-event. Yet the prissy, puritanical, religious zealot head of the FCC says this needs an investigation? 

We invade countries, bomb populaces, destroy cities, and the DC establishment says nothing, But let a pretty woman flash some titty and they go into a tizzy. Madness.