Labor rally for striking grocery…

Labor rally for striking grocery workers. 1/31. Inglewood, CA

15,000-20,000 came, from dozens of unions and community groups, to show support for striking grocery workers. The Mayor of LA spoke, as did many other mainstream politicians, demonstrating the support this strike has in LA.











At the rally after the march










Our youngest volunteer, who is five years old, rocks the mike, leading a “healthcare not warfare” chant. He has, no joke, been to hundreds of demonstrations.










I didn’t think about this photo when I took it. Then I looked at it at home. Immigrant garment workers are among the most exploited workers in Los Angeles, yet they were there showing support  too.









The Longshore union,  one of the most political and miltant unions in the country, shows support. On March 20, they will do a work stoppage and close San Francisco port in solidarity with the planetwide antiwar demonstrations that day. Their banner displays their slogan – an injury to one is an injury to all.