Tastes like (mutant) chicken

Tastes like (mutant) chicken

From the wonderful Mark Morford comes: 

The great McDonald’s diet test, and why Ukrainians won’t touch your buffalo wings.

From way, way over there in Ukraine comes this hilarious bit about how the country’s customs officials just confiscated a whopping 19 tons of frozen U.S. chicken parts that smugglers claimed was sugar.

That’s right: The crooks were trying to smuggle American-grown chicken into Ukraine territory, which is all well and good except it’s very illegal, given how the U.S. genetically modifies billions of its chickens and injects them with hormones and chemicals and toxins and feeds them ground-up chicken parts mixed with chicken feces and saws off their beaks and packs them by the tens of thousands into tiny nauseating disease-ridden cages in massive “Matrix”-like hellhole factory farms and treats them worse than you treat a skin boil.

Ukraine refuses to take this crap.

U.S. officials sneer and pout and stamp their feet and say eat our stupid noxious chicken parts goddammit.

America, of course, does not give a damn about Ukraine. America laughs at such petty Euro foolishness, as we slaughter billions of toxic hormoned chickens a year and happily munch away on fried/ liquefied/ reconstituted/ McNuggeted garbage food by the ton and say see? See Ukrainian snob fools? We aren’t dropping dead! We are just fine! Ha! We are still big strong superpower, cough cough groan hack spit!