Pilgrimage to pray for shriveled…

Pilgrimage to pray for shriveled soul of Safeway CEO Steven Burd

A bus caravan left Los Angeles today headed for the home of Safeway CEO Steven Burd. You know Steven, the poor man only made 15 million last year, yet he wants to break the union because giving workers decent healthcare is just SO expensive.

Well, he’s a fundamentalist evangelical, so some clergy in L.A. decided to visit his home to pray for him, as he appears to have lost his way and no longer practices what he professes to believe. Speakers at the rally before boarding the bus included representatives from Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faiths. 

Burd is also, get ready for this, a champion of animal rights. Too bad he doesn’t feel the same about humans!

And he’s got the local police going way out of their way to run interference for him.

As religious leaders and striking grocery workers plan a peaceful march near the gated Alamo home of Safeway’s CEO on Wednesday, Contra Costa sheriff’s deputies have taken unusual steps to protect Steve Burd and his neighbors — even sending plainclothes deputies to monitor a weekend labor protest in San Francisco.

The two sheriff’s deputies — who also paid a visit to a union hall in Martinez last week — alarmed union officials and clergy members when they identified themselves as county homeland security officers.

Sheriff’s Capt. Scott Parsons, who oversees the homeland security unit, said Monday that the deputies misspoke. The demonstration does not raise national security concerns, he said.

Then why were your officers there and identifying themselves as such? To intimidate and scare peaceful protestors away? And why are you going to such unusual measures to protect Steven Burd?

PS I posted more photos on LA IndyMedia.