More missing on San Gorgonio

More missing on San Gorgonio

With four Southland hikers dead since New Year’s Day and two more missing, authorities on Wednesday closed a popular Mt. San Gorgonio trail and issued a strong warning.

“Warning, Extreme Icy Conditions … Do Not Hike Alone” stated fliers handed out with hiking permits.

The recent fires have left the moutains barren, with increased possibility  of rock slides and earth slippage. Plus, it’s been very cold, and that means sheets of treacherous ice near the top of the 11,500 foot peak.

Now, two more are missing, including an inexperienced climber.

“He was alone and had no map…. He didn’t know the area, and he was in ice with [boot spikes] he just got at Christmas,” Goodman said. “Everything he has done indicates he was not an experienced hiker. You don’t hike alone. That’s suicide.”