Draft Camejo for President!

Draft Camejo for President!

To follow up our original post on Camejo for President

From Forrest Hill, initiator of Draft Camejo:

Ralph Nader has decided not to run for President on the Green Party ticket next year.

Many Greens and Progressives, however, believe that given these circumstances it is time to draft a proven Green candidate to carry our message to the electorate in 2004. I believe that candidate is Peter Camejo.

As the Green Party’s candidate for governor of California in 2002, Camejo received over 10% of the vote in 11 counties, and beat the Republican challenger in San Francisco and Alameda County. During the 2003 California recall election, Camejo appeared in all six televised debates and was often declared the winner by the mainstream press.
In fact his appearance on television, during the only debate that Arnold Schwarzenegger participated in, helped expose the Green Party to people not familiar with the nation’s largest third party. Peter could accomplish the same thing at the national level should he become the Green Party nominee for President.
I believe that Peter would provide a new voice and vision for progressives thoughtout America. If you agree, please sign the Draft Camejo for President petition.

Hey, Greens (and anyone else), sign the petition!