A family deposed by force

A family deposed by force

A married couple, survivalists who sold surplus military equipment, were raided by police. They were eventually jailed on rather minor charges, their home was bulldozed (bulldozed!), and the husband forced to serve his full term because his highly unusual parole conditions forbade him to see his wife. 

At the end of the five-month investigation, the Sherburnes — a deeply religious couple with six children — each pleaded no contest to one felony count of possessing 10 tracer bullets, which illuminate the trajectory and are legal in several states but not California. Prosecutors never proved a link between the couple and McVeigh.

But by that time, their home was demolished and their business in ruins. Trudy Sherburne went to jail for five months. Her husband started a prison term that lasted five years because he refused to accept parole conditions that barred him from seeing his wife.

I probably wouldn’t agree with a single political belief of the Sherburnes. That matters not. They’ve been hounded and nearly destroyed by a vindictive out of control government. It appears the government couldn’t get a serious conviction, so, out of sheer meanness, tried to destroy them anyway – and this should concern us all.

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