Israeli envoy trashes art exhibit

Israeli envoy trashes art exhibit

An Israeli envoy to Sweden sabotaged a piece of artwork on exhibit, saying it was anti-Semitic.

Let’s look at the facts:

The artwork, titled “Snow White and the Madness of Truth”, “featured a pool of blood-red fluid upon which floated a portrait of the woman who blew herself up in a crowded restaurant.”

How is this anti-Semitic? It would appear to be open to any number of interpretations, including being opposed to the suicide bombings.

Also, the artist is Israeli:

The envoy then exchanged harsh words in Hebrew with the Israeli-born artist, Dror Feiler — a former paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces — shouting that the work was “praise of a suicide attack and the whole institution of suicide.”

“After the first Holocaust, you are starting a second Holocaust,” the ambassador yelled on the tape. “Shame on you! You are an obvious hater of Israel.”

Nonsense. The artwork is ambiguous, and simply because someone doesn’t like the current policies of a country doesn’t mean they hate that country.