Camejo for President

Camejo for President

A campaign is underway to draft Peter Camejo as Green Party candidate for president. Camejo ran for governor of California in 2002 and 2003. A lot of people noticed him. He has recently initiated the Avocado Declaration, which is a serious, direct attack on the inherent corruption of the current two party system. Camejo is smart, focused, and committed. If he wants the Green Party nomination, he might well get it.

Interestingly, person #3 to sign the petition is Ben Manski, Co-co of the national Green Party. Hmmm.

If a pro-war Democrat like Kerry, Edwards, Clark, Lieberman  wins the Democratic nomination, the chances of a serious Green Party run, as well as Nader running as an independent, then become probable.

Kerry, Clark, and Edwards voted for the war as Senators. Clark cheerfully bombed Yugoslavia for fifty days straight. They can hardly be considered antiwar.

And the antiwar vote will be heard.