This is Day 100 of…

This is Day 100 of the grocery strike

I went to a Ralphs that was being picketed yesterday. Conservative LA City Council member Dennis Zine spoke strongly in favor of the strikers, saying in his 33 years in LAPD, they sometimes had to fight hard as a union to get what they wanted, and he applauded the strength and determination of the grocery strikers, saying they had a right to be paid more for working holidays and weekends.

At another location,
15 arrested during rally for supermarket strikers. Photos on LA Indymedia.

Police arrested 15 demonstrators Saturday for blocking the entrance to a Vons supermarket in Garden Grove during a labor rally that drew more than 1,200 striking grocery workers and supporters.

(I had some great pictures of the Ralphs picketing, but my little $99 Visioneer SmartMedia digital camera died while I was taking pictures of Dennis Zine. I now have a Canon Compact Flash A60, still just 2 megapixels, but better picture quality, and highly portable. Portability is important, as I help organize demos and protests, and sometimes have to move fast, which is not a good time for weighty camera gear to be clanking about! Also, I use the camera solely for website photos, and 2 megapixels is fine for that purpose. Many of the photos at ANSWER LA were taken with with the Visioneer.)