Grocery strike. Things are happening!

Grocery strike. Things are happening!

In L.A. this Monday, MLK Day, there will be a rally in support of the striking grocery workers at the Von’s at the end of the MLK Day march. 

On Sat Jan 31 at 11:30 am, the County Fed of Labor and some of the locals will hold a mass rally and march at the Forum in Inglewood. This could draw tens of thousands. ANSWER LA is going into full organizing mode to get the word out for this.

These grocery workers have lasted far longer than is usual in strikes. A labor organizer told me tonight it’s not unusual to see the workers crumble after 9 weeks. These workers aren’t crumbling, and it’s been 13 weeks. He said he’d never seen anything like it. Let’s support these heroic workers by getting a massive turnout for their Jan 31 rally.

There’s more happening too, some of which could dramatically alter the entire dynamic of the strike. More on this later!

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