War inna Babylon

War inna Babylon

Sections of the ruling class appear not at all pleased with Dubya of late.

O’Neill continues the attacks

Vice President Dick Cheney once dismissed talk of federal fiscal worries by saying, “deficits don’t matter,” former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill says in a controversial new book on his two years in the Bush White House.

He recently has said “President Bush was so disengaged in cabinet meetings that he ‘was like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people” and pointblank said the Iraq invasion was planned days after Bush took office.

O’Neill, a former highly respected CEO of Alcoa before becoming Treasury Secretary, cerainly knows they will do everything they can to destroy him, yet he is speaking out anyway.

The Bubble of American Supremacy

George Soros, in The Atlantic, “argues that the heedless assertion of American power in the world resembles a financial bubble—and the moment of truth may be here.” This is an excerpt from his new book. More on this later.

Army War College article says invasion of Iraq was ‘strategic error’

A report published by the Army War College calls the Bush administration’s war on terrorism unfocused and says the invasion of Iraq was “a strategic error.”

The research paper by Jeffrey Record, a professor at the Air War College at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, said the president’s strategy “promises much more than it can deliver” and threatens to spread U.S. military resources too thin. Record also wrote that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq did not present a threat to the United States and was a distraction from the war on terrorism.