They’re H-E-E-RE

They’re H-E-E-RE

You can help put the bible back in the public schools!

This initiative will make the State of California provide the students in the public grade schools with Bibles.


Joe Hartley, reader and friend, comments:

I assume they also want to put the 1662 BCP (book of common prayer) back into the schools, since it is generally regarded (along with the King James verison of the Bible and Shakespeare) as unifying the English language. This  edition is the one, I think, that contains my favorite ecumenical line from the prayers of the people:  “Deliver us from the Bishop of Rome and all his abominations.”

Can you imagine elementary school kids trying to decipher the KJV?

If they DON’T want to teach the Bible as religion and ethical guidance, why is the lead “put the Bible back in school!”?