Now they’ve screwed up the…

Now they’ve screwed up the salmon

Farm-raised salmon — widely thought to be among the most healthful foods on the American diet — sometimes contain dangerous levels of toxic chemicals, says a landmark study out today.

“PCBs stay in the body for 10 years,” says David Carpenter, one of the study’s authors and director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany in New York.

Alex Trent, executive director of Salmon of the Americas, a trade organization for salmon farms, said the industry is trying to reduce the level of toxins, which apparently come from salmon feed.

Gosh Alex, don’t hurry. No need to pay any mind to my health and the health of others. Better you make a profit, eh? Why, may I ask, did it take this report for the farmed salmon industry to get their heads out of their ass? Shouldn’t the health of those eating the fish always have been a concern? And please don’t say you didn’t know the salmon feed was toxic, I doubt anyone will believe you.

PS If you live near a Trader Joe’s, they have wild frozen salmon for about $7 a pound. Way cheap.