Protestant loyalist racist attacks in…

Protestant loyalist racist attacks in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland, which is 99% white, is fast becoming the race-hate capital of Europe. It holds the UK’s record for the highest rate of racist attacks: spitting and stoning in the street, human excrement on doorsteps, swastikas on walls, pipe bombs, arson, the ransacking of houses with baseball bats and crow bars, and white supremacist leaflets nailed to front doors.

But in the past weeks, fear has deepened. Protestant working-class neighbourhoods are showing a pattern of orchestrated house attacks aimed at “ethnically cleansing” minority groups.

It is happening in streets run by loyalist paramilitaries, where every Chinese takeaway owner already pays protection money and racists have plentiful access to guns.

Slugger O’Toole, a blog covering Northern Ireland politics, played a leading role in getting this story out, with two postings that got major media attention, who then followed up with stories of their own.