Danger for the Democrats

Danger for the Democrats

From the Progessive Review newsletter

Serious danger awaits the Democratic Party if Clark continues to show strength. The media, led by CNN, has been promoting a falsely glamorous picture of the general who is distrusted, disliked, and disrespected by a number of his military and diplomatic colleagues and whose career is marked far more by institutional chutzpah than by military heroics. The media, which often has childlike fantasies concerning military officials, has not bothered to look closely into Clark’s background. Among the things it might find if it did: how Richard Holbrooke insisted on a top aide always being close to Clark in case he said something stupid in public, how Clark endangered peace negotiations, and the lieutenant colonel responsible for keeping Clark’s shoes shined.

The danger is that, after a few early primaries, some of the other candidates may drop out, throwing their support to Clark, who already has the backing of the crypto-Republican wing of the party led by the Clintonistas and the Democratic Abandonship Council. In such a case, Dean’s lead could dramatically dwindle and the party could be left with a loose cannon as its candidate.

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