Grocery striker fundraiser at Kulaks…

Grocery striker fundraiser at Kulaks Woodshed

ANSWER LA held a fundraiser for the striking grocery workers at Kulak’s Woodshed in North Hollywood last night, and raised about $1,000 for the AFL-CIO strike fund for Local 770.

Performing were the always amazing Michelle Shocked (photo), singer songwriter duo Lowen and Navarro, hip hop artist Wil B., The Blazers from East L.A. – who go back three decades with Los Lobos and share the same roots, and alt country singer Cisco. You can find The Blazers and Cisco on Little Dog Records.

Kulak’s Woodshed is an innovative performance space / coffee house primarily for singer songwriters. Check this out. All performances are broadcast live on the Net! And there’s no cover charge. They pass the hat during performances plus those watching on the Net can contribute via PayPal. It’s all volunteer, with six video cameras, and, in a way cool touch, a monitor where performers can read to the audience email sent to them during the performance. At one point, The Blazers (I think) read that someone in Portland, Maine emailed to say they’d contributed $100 to the strike fund! Get on the Kulak’s mailing list. You’ll be surprised at the Names who play this 50 seater club!

PS “Woodshed” is an oldish term in music for practicing or trying out new stuff to a small audience. Also, for you rock historians out there, Kulak’s started in the same space, since expanded, as the original Bomp Records store. I remember seeing punk bands there in ’76. After 20+ years of being a machine shop, it’s back to its innovative musicial roots, albeit with a totally different style of music! And check out Bomp affiliate labels at Alive / Total Energy.