Big fun with Windows XP

Big fun with Windows XP

After getting home late last night from the fundraiser (see above posting), I discovered my main PC, which runs XP, was running sluggishly, and that normal actions like cut-and-paste and drag-and-drop weren’t working at all, which is alarming, to say the least. This has happened at least twice before, also for no apparent reason.

The solution: Restart in safe mode (F8 while booting), then rebooting normally several more times. Each time the system recovered more of the functionality. For example, while working with the above photo of Michelle Shocked in Fireworks, at first, none of the drop down menus worked. Reboot. Menus then worked, but crop photo didn’t. Reboot. Crop photo started working, but I couldn’t move the Fireworks window. Reboot. The Fireworks window could be moved. This type of odd behavior was happening across all applications.

Weird, huh? Anyone know what’s happening?

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