“Journalism”, AP-style, 2004

“Journalism”, AP-style, 2004

Via the ever-alert Kos

Needlenose finds a doozy:

Speaking of the Iowa presidential debate, here’s the lead paragraph of a news article that just came off the Associated Press wires

For a brief time in their debate Sunday, Democrats seemed to be hewing to a New Year’s resolution to stick more carefully to the facts on taxes, the budget and more. But old habits die hard.

To repeat, that’s the lead paragraph of a news article. From the Associated Press, the most mainstream source of news in the United States — where, apparently, it’s now accepted newsroom policy to “objectively” label all Democrats as liars.

There’s more so check it out.

Atrios adds:

You may contact the AP National desk at 212-621-1600 and ask them, ever so politely, “what the fuck?”

You may also email the author at and ask him how what he wrote makes any goddamn sense at all.

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