Government decides nearly dead cows…

Government decides nearly dead cows might not be good eating

New regulations will prohibit the use of so-called “downer” cows for food. Downer animals, including the one U.S. cow that tested positive for bovine spongiform encephalopathy or BSE, can no longer move on their own.

How daring pro-active of them! <sigh…>

Yet they still persist in the double-speak.

“Sound science continues to be our guide,” Veneman said, adding that the food supply was safe even before she announced tougher regulations.

Um, if the food is safe, why are tougher regulations needed? Veneman speak with forked tongue.

PS Just weeks ago, the Bush Administration successfully blocked the precise same regulations.

The Agriculture Department’s announcement yesterday of a ban on the sale of meat from ailing “downer” cattle marked a policy turnabout for the Bush administration, coming only a few weeks after the department and allies in the powerful meat lobby blocked an identical measure in Congress.