Coffee, Tea or Handcuffs? Welcome…

Coffee, Tea or Handcuffs? Welcome to America, Australian journalist.

An Australian journalist came to the States to interview Olivia Newton-John. She was held incommunicado, handcuffed, not given food or water, then sent back home. Why? Oh, there were official mumblings about she didn’t have the proper visa, but in reality the problem  was an out of control security apparatus with no checks and balances, staffed by officious little pricks.

When Smethurst returned to Melbourne, camera crews were waiting — all major Australian media outlets reported her ordeal. The story was treated as an example of bureaucratic arrogance run amok, because many parts of the world are still outraged by what happens at American airports to foreigners — and to many Americans.

Way to go Dept of Homeland (In)Security! One of the few allies we haven’t completely alienated as yet is Australia, however it appears you are trying hard to do just that.

Smethurst says U.S. ambassador Tom Schaeffer privately apologized to her for her treatment, but will not do so in public.

Hey, Tom, that’s showing some kind of guts, huh!

Not that it matters much — the only U.S. press coverage of Smethurst’s ordeal was found in an Atlanta Constitution squib culled from the Australian Associated Press.

What a big surprise…

In John Ashcroft’s America, you are a criminal and may be held with no explanation until/if they release you. Laws? HA!

Let’s make 2004 the year Ashcroft and his band of loonies get thrown out of office along with George Bush.