Christmas solidarity, one union to…

Christmas solidarity, one union to another

Via Friends of Labor newsletter

The Longshore union gives children of striking grocery workers a nice Christmas party.

International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) presented the children of the UFCW with “A day with Santa Claus” last Friday. Hundreds of UFCW children with their parents visited the ILWU Local 13 Hall to meet Santa, enjoy cake and hot chocolate and choose a Christmas gift from the thousands of toys on display donated by the ILWU dockworkers..

For over five hours the children searched thousands of toys to find their favorite to take home for Christmas. In a sign of solidarity with the UFCW, ILWU members posted a six foot stuffed Grinch in a pile of coal from dock 212 and a banner reading “SAFEWAY CEO STEVEN BURD”.

Following the toy giveaway, a twenty foot trailer of toys was delivered to UFCW Local 1442 in Santa Monica.