Soros shrinking from Dean, says…

Soros shrinking from Dean, says right wing columnist

Maybe… Or maybe Dean is making them nervous.

From Robert Novak, right wing columnist and mouthpiece for Bush.

Left-wing billionaire investor George Soros, who appeared to support Howard Dean for president, now is privately expressing doubts about the Democratic Party’s front-runner. In one such chat, Soros suggested he is interested in retired Gen. Wesley Clark.

In conversations with political friends, Soros confided he has become alarmed by Dean’s recent performance and wonders whether the former Vermont governor is capable of defeating George W. Bush.

Uh, huh. Or maybe this is just Bushie propaganda aimed against Dean – which implies Dean scares them. Note how Novak doesn’t attribute the comments to anyone who can be asked about them. And why would any Democrat share anything with this apologist for Bush Adminstration, when there are far more sympathetic and reliable news sources for them to leak to?