Israeli special forces refuse to…

Israeli special forces refuse to serve in occupied territories

13 members of Israel’s elite special-operations force, known as Sayeret Matkal, signed a letter refusing to serve in the occupied territories. They said military operations there violate Palestinians’ human rights.

And from Iraq

Yet another misleading story…

For Baghdad’s Sunnis, hostility toward occupation is growing.

Residents of areas with ties to former dictator are frustrated at the lack of municipal services.

Note how these headliness imply the resistance a) is from one part of the population, Sunni’s who supported Saddam, only and, b) is simply due to the electricity not being on.

The truth is, the resistance is coming from Iraqis who don’t want a vicious occupying power in their country, a power that is destroying their homes, brutalizing the populace, and not letting them have any say in running their own country.

If your town was invaded and occupied by a foreign army that was flattening homes and dragging people away in the middle of the night, wouldn’t you fight back?