They’re b-a-c-k…

They’re b-a-c-k…

Backers of prop. 187 push for new initiative

Proposed measure to deny services to illegal immigrants raises fears of divisive racial politics.

“Fears”? I think not. No fear involved here. Just reality This new attempt at slapping down Latinos is racist, pure and simple. It is clearly meant to be divisive; angry fearful middle aged white men railing against a world they no longer understand or control.

Organizers who a decade ago wrote Proposition 187 — a landmark ballot measure that divided California — are now gathering signatures for a new initiative that again would attempt to prohibit illegal immigrants from receiving a broad array of public services

Like 187, the new proposal would require providers of public health and other services to verify applicants’ legal residence status. It would also:

•  Make it a misdemeanor for state and local officials — such as police officers — not to report immigration law violations to federal authorities.

•  Require the state to verify the legal residence status of applicants for driver’s licenses.

•  Prohibit the state from accepting foreign-issued identification cards, such as Mexico’s widely used matricula consular, a fingerprinted photo card.