Connecticut governor facing corruption allegations…

Connecticut governor facing corruption allegations says God talks to him

The governor of the strait-laced New England state of Connecticut has rejected calls for his resignation over corruption allegations, saying he is in direct contact with God.

HEY! I grew up in Connecticut, and lemme tell ya pal, my tumultuous youth included a whole lotta deeply non-strait-laced activities…  However the current governor of Connecticut, who is up to his eyeballs in corruption allegations, is attempting the time-honored southern televangelist ploy of calling on God to defend him. Well, a) televangelists do this AFTER they’ve admitted wrongdoing and while begging forgiveness – NOT while they’re still denying it, and 2) Southern Baptist forgive-me-Jesus public repenting doesn’t play in New England, trust me on this.

In a performance worthy of a fallen “televangelist” John Rowland, who has admitted accepting favours and gifts from powerful businessmen, defended his position by saying the Almighty had called to him “loud and clear” in his “adversity”.

So he’s saying Jesus told him to take the money?

Kos gets it right

Governor John Rowland of Connecticut, corrupt Republican extraordinaire, is now being shoved out by members of his own party.

Happy indictment governor, you richly deserve it.