The “white man’s burden”

The “white man’s burden”

Shock & Awe wonders why influential, oft-quoted in major media, neo-con blogger Andrew Sullivan sees Saddam’s capture as a victory for “Anglo-Americans”

Andrew Sullivan wrote something odd about Saddam’s capture

You’re welcome. And as I read this and other Iraqi blogs written by people who lived under a kind of terror that we in the West have no way to understand or truly empathize with, I feel a lump in my throat. I am so proud of the country I was born in and the country I have made my home. I have never been prouder to be an Anglo-American,

What the hell?

“…an Anglo-American…?”

I’m hoping that there’s a nice explanation for this that doesn’t have anything to do with national origin.

Of course, the coalition includes a lot more than just England and America. Leaving out all the nonsense countries like Afghanistan and Palau, we’ve still got Italians, Japanese, Spanish, and others who have given their lives for this cause.

Not to mention the many Mexicans serving in our volunteer army for the promise of a U.S. citizenship.

But, somehow, this is an Anglo-American moment of victory.

It’s not white pride, is it? I mean, surely that’s not what Andrew’s talking about here, right?

But if not that, what the hell does he mean?

Now, the head of the American forces in Iraq is Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez. But, if someone — such as Kos? — said that he’s never felt more proud to be an American of Latino descent because of the capture, surely that would be — horrors! — identity politics.

So why is Andrew Sullivan proudly beating his Anglo-American chest and claiming this victory for his national origin?

Maybe it’s because neo-cons do see this as a racial fight – with beleaguered Chistian whites battling the dark-skinned non-Christian rabble hordes?

All of which is just a modern update of the “white man’s burden” racist nonsense that Kipling popularized in 1899. It uses the rationalization of being forced, forced I tell you, to civilize those damned ignorant savages as a cover for trying to dominate the planet. And yes, of course they think other races and cultures are inferior. That goes with the territory. That’s why it’s the white man’s burden.