Bush the Craven

Bush the Craven

To conservatives, it was a shocking scene. President Bush sat chatting chummily in the Oval Office on Tuesday with the premier of communist China and harshly rebuked the democratically elected leader of the United States’ old friend and ally, Taiwan.

“The only word I can use is ‘appalled,’ ” said John Tkacik, a China specialist at the conservative Heritage Foundation and a staunch administration supporter. “The spectacle of the American president who just gave such an eloquent speech in Whitehall barely three weeks ago, saying the global expansion of democracy is a pillar of American foreign policy….”

 His voice trailed off in disbelief. “This just simply belies that.”

Behind the jarring imagery, however, was a simple message. The Bush administration believes that it cannot afford a political crisis that could draw the United States into a war over Taiwan while it has its hands more than full with Iraq, Afghanistan and North Korea.

a) Iraq, Afghanistan, and North Korea are problems Bush created or made vastly worse by his blundering machoism. b) Why should we invade ANY of these countries?  How about we just leave other countries the fuck alone for a while and focus on the increasingly serious economic problems here instead? c) So, tough guy Bush turns into a compliant pussycat when faced with an opponent, China, who can actually fight back. He did the same with North Korea. Hey, seems like bullies often are cowards.