KaZaa and other spyware programs.

KaZaa and other spyware programs.

KaZaa is a file sharing program like Napster. It is “free”, however it loads huge amounts of spyware and ads on your computer. It is also deliberately difficult to deinstall. However PestPatrol explains how to do it.

PestPatrol, which I use, kills spyware, ad cookies, keyboard sniffers, and more. You should have a program like this on your computer.

If you get popup ads when your browser isn’t loaded, then you have adware on your computer. I recently de-spywared a computer that had dozens of such programs on it. So many pop-ad ads kept appearing that the machine was unusable.

Do NOT use KaZaa. It’s one of the worst offenders. PestPatrol deletes an average of 157 entries on each computer where KaZaa has been installed.

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