Streisand: Why liberals can be…

Streisand: Why liberals can be worse than useless.

Barbra Streisand, as you no doubt know, sued for millions of dollar for posting an aerial photo of her home in Malibu on their website. A judge, happily, threw out the suit as ludicrous, and told her to pay attorney fees for the other side too.

Barring an appeal, the ruling will require Streisand to reimburse Adelman for legal bills estimated to be in the six-figure range.

What does do that so upsets Streisand, she who loudly pretends to champion environmental causes? Why they take photos of the California coastline so they can document, and then hopefully stop, illegal building or development that might occur.

We’ve been called to photograph “after” pictures of illegal activity that has destroyed the coast, but rarely do we have the “before” pictures. More than once we wished we’d used the opportunity to photograph a “before” picture.

This started us thinking — what if we photographed the entire coast as a baseline of “before” pictures?

So they did just that!

You’d think Streisand, the noted liberal, would champion such a worthy cause, but no, not only did she sue, she used a favorite tactic of polluters, the SLAPP lawsuit, to stop those horrid people from saving the California coast line.

Streisand’s use of corporate polluter tactic fails:

A jubilant Adelman expressed gratification at the court’s ruling. “My goal in bringing the Anti-SLAPP motion was to protect the integrity of this historic photographic database of the California coast and to ensure that the public continues to have unfettered access to the photographs and the other data it provides,” Adelman said. Lawsuits that seek to suppress public participation and free speech are referred to as SLAPP suits – Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation.

It would appear Streisand is a limousine liberal.

Limousine liberal
Wealthy people whose political beliefs are nominally on the left side of the spectrum, but tend to have a rather hypocritical view of liberal agendas, being happy to write checks but unwilling to support them once they start affecting their private schools and gated communities.

Barbara, how hideous that some tacky commoner published a photo of your home, even if he was trying to save the coast line. Hey, nice defense of the environment, though.

All uncited quotes from the California Coastline website (The site uses frames, so linking to articles other than the home page isn’t possible.) Fittingly, they have the photo of her house on their home page, as well as complete documentation of this attempted intimidation of an actual environmental activist by someone who play acts at being one.