Democratic establishment lining up behind…

Democratic establishment lining up behind Dean

Dean will be the Democratic candidate. Count on it.

Now, we’re seeing most of the outright opposition to Dean evaporate, and this week proved the turning point. The latest NH, IA, and MA polls. The $50K for the Florida Democratic Party. The realization of what the SEIU and AFSCME endorsements meant, the realization that it would take a miracle to overtake Dean given his current advantages in support, money, and most important (and most often overlooked) — his ground organization.

(Little known secret — just about every Democratic candidate is trying to find graceful ways to crash the next Dean Meetup seeking support.)

And the best path towards that money and the avid support of the Dean army? Simple. Line up behind Dean. Praise the man. Praise his innovative campaign. And, most important of all, praise his supporters.

The establishment wants as much of that Dean magic as they can capture.

From Political Wire

Dean ahead in South Carolina, Florida, gets Babbitt endorsement, leads among insiders