And if a Democrat is…

And if a Democrat is elected in 2004?

A big problem that the movement will be grappling with for the next 12 months is the pressure to close itself down, suspend demonstrations, and focus solely on defeating President Bush in the 2004 election. The broad problem with being drawn into the “lesser of evils” desperation is that the problem is not merely Bush or Rumsfeld or any of the other scary “neo-cons” running the war.

It’s imperialism. And it’s the deepening crises that drive this malignant system toward catastrophic acts no matter who’s in the White House. Larry Holmes, ANSWER organizer.

Or, if imperialism is too strong a word for you, Nader recently said the same thing in different words.

<Nader> says it doesn’t even matter if Dean is for real: “He can’t deliver–he can be George McGovern on steroids, but when he gets into the corporate prison called the White House, he can’t deliver.”

A Howard Dean in the White House will be orders of magnitude less extreme than Bush, and is worth supporting simply because of that. But let’s not think he can perform miracles. Or let up on antiwar organizing.