[1]Bloggers for Matt Gonzalez

Bloggers for Matt Gonzalez

Weblogs! Friendster!! Yahoo groups!!!

Green Matt Gonzalez is now the odds-on favorite to become mayor of San Francisco just eight days from now.

Meanwhile his Democratic opponent, Gavin Newsom, continues to make truly bone-headed mistakes.

Newsom camp busted trying to manufacture Green Party protest against Al Gore

With just nine days before voters cast their vote for mayor, Gavin Newsom has found himself once again in the middle of a huge political storm. And once again, it’s a result of unethical campaigning manufactured by his very own campaign.

A November 26 email calling on Green Party members to protest Al Gore’s visit on December 2 – a Newsom campaign event – has been traced back to the Newsom campaign. Democratic and Green Party leaders sharply criticized Newsom for the latest dirty tricks scandal.

The Newsom campaign used a free Web-mail provider for anonymity, not realizing that the Web-mail provider recorded the Internet address. The address recorded – – belongs to “GavinNewsomFor” 

Was this sleazy dimbulb really the best candidate the Democratic Party could run in San Francisco?