“Mayor Matt”

“Mayor Matt”

Yes, S.F. newspapers are now starting to refer to Green mayoral candidate Matt Gonzalez as “Mayor Matt”. The latest news is outgoing African-American Mayor Willie Brown implying Gonzalaez is racist, followed by  Gonzalez getting endorsements from several more African-Americans. I guess Willie is getting desperate, as his hand-picked candidate to succeed him, Gavin Newson, is trailing in the polls.

‘Mayor Matt’ topped off by Brown’s milliner

A day after Mayor Willie Brown reportedly slapped him down as a bigot and chauvinist, Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez announced the endorsement of Mayor Brown’s milliner, Ruth Dewson, an African-American woman know as “the Mayor of Fillmore Street.”

She also read a statement of support from actor and progressive activist Danny Glover.

“I support Matt Gonzalez because of his effective leadership in supporting Proposition L, the minimum wage increase, Proposition H, police reform and accountability, and public power,” Glover’s statement read. “Matt’s progressive values resonate with me and his leadership and integrity make him the only acceptable choice for the next mayor of San Francisco.”

A friend, a senior level Democratic operative in California, is generally condescending when referring to Greens, seeing them as laughable and insignificant. I mentioned the Gonzalez campaign to him a few days ago. He’s not laughing any more. The California Democratic Party, is, and should be, seriously worried about the high probability of a Green defeating a Democrat and becoming mayor of San Francisco.

First Arnold, now Matt. Bad days for California Democrats.