ANSWER distributes food to striking…

ANSWER distributes food to striking grocery workers

ANSWER LA started a food drive for strikers three weeks ago. We distributed more food tonight at a Vons Supermarket in Los Angeles. Note the piles of food in front of the truck, this was just some of the food that was so graciously donated. The Wanted posters are of Steven Burd, CEO of Safeway, owner of Vons. We made the posters, the strikers love them!

Next up, we are launching a toy drive during the Christmas season for the strikers, as well as continuing the food drive for as long as the strike lasts.

If the grocery chains break the union – and that is their avowed plan – then no union is safe. That’s why the Teamsters just went out on a solidarity strike, shutting down the food distribution centers for Vons, Albertsons, and Ralphs in Southern California.

This strike is already at a level of militancy not seen in decades. I expect it will escalate considerably.

However tonight, some strikers got free Thanksgiving food!

PS Two pension funds are suing Safeway’s management and board, “alleging the company has been decimated by rampant conflicts of interest, managerial bungling, deceit and greed.”

PPS Happy Thanksgiving!